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Relaxed Wedding Photography for contemporary couples in London and beyond. If you’re looking to get away from the traditional and have a relaxed feel to your wedding day, this is for you.

Your style

Whether you’re having a modern London wedding, a chic garden wedding further afield or want a rustic and boho feel to your wedding day, you’ll find some inspiration here. No two weddings are the same, that’s for sure. But there’s a big difference between the staid traditions that still abound and the more modern take you’re looking for, on your wedding day. While you’re all for celebrating love, a more modern style of wedding photography makes your day so much more true to who you are. So don’t be surprised when looking through these galleries, if you find no cutting of the cake pictures, a lack of first dance in a full wedding gallery, or a bride and groom getting ready together – all of these couples had much less traditional weddings too.

 Relaxed Wedding Photography - Galleries

My style


It’s important you find a style not just that you like but that suits who you are. My style is very informal, relaxed and looks to create beauty out of very natural moments. I love to look for love and laughter and intimacy. I want to know who the important people are on your day. I’m inspired by colour and free flowing nature, love to be creative rather than restricted to a set of photos. I’ll be gently making sure you get to spend time together, just the two of you – and to capture some of that. There’s only one wedding and it’s not coming round again. And if there’s a chance to include what makes you all the more individual in your wedding photography, I’m on it (like the bike wheels in the dance floor shot in the wedding below).  You might not notice it before, but all the little details of your wedding are what help to create your day. Your photos will soon become what you remember from your day, so I always look to include the small details like your rings or the invite you drew yourself – because as your memory fades, your photos will become what you remember from your day.


The Galleries


Take a look at some of my all-time favourite wedding photos in the main gallery. Then move on to browse some of the featured full wedding galleries below. They’ll give you a feel for how your wedding is photographed from the time your make-up’s touched up to the dance-offs as you wind down the day.

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